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Marquette County Kart Club


5 to 7 years of age

150 lbs

Comer C50 Box Stock

Gear Ratio of 10.89, Class is exhibition only-not for points or wins. All participants are winners.

Each participant will receive the same size trophy for participation at the banquet YDS,YJL,YHC,YKC,YLC Tires


L0206 Motor

7 to 12 years of age

250 lbs

Purple Slide in carb on gasoline

Gear Ratio of 13/55 or 14/59, 6" wide rear tires, YDS,YJL,YHC, YKC,YLC Tires, 3500 maximum clutch engagement


L0206 Motor

8 to 12 years of age

280 lbs

Red Slide on carb on gasoline

YDS,YJL,YHC,YKC,YLC Tires. Full Rear Bumper


L0206 Motor

8 to 15 years of age

315 lbs

Blue Slide in carb on gasoline

YJL,YHC,YKC,YLC Tires. Full Rear Bumper


L0206 Motor

8 to 15 years of age

375 lbs

Yellow Slide in carb on gasoline

YJL,YHC,YKC,YLC Tires. Full Rear Bumper


L0206 Motor

15 years old and up

390 lbs

We are following WKA motor rules for this class. Motors will run on gasoline

YJL,YHC,YKC,YLC Tires. Full Rear Bumper



15 years old and up

355 lbs

RVL-SSX with air box, rear brakes only

YJL,YHC,YKC,YLC Tires. Full Rear Bumper


Racing at MCFKC follows WKA rules except as stated in this guide or at the driver's meeting. It is the Track Directors job to enforce all rules and guidelines laid out by the WKA and the MCFKC Board members. The Board Members and Officers present will hear any appeals or concerns.


All drivers, crew and MCFKC members are expected to act in a sportsman like manner at all times. No aggressive, assault, lude or profane actions or words will be tolerated. Actions taken by a driver or crew member in this regard will be cause for the entire team being asked to leave. All points for the day will be forfeited and no refunds given; should a second incident occur, the driver or team member will not be allowed back at any MCFKC or MKS event.


Drivers at MCFR are expected to compete without touching or endangering other drivers, participants or workers. Inadvertent contact is a reality of racing, however, if an Official judges a driver to be crowding, chopping, bumping, blocking or pushing another participant in a non-advertent manner, that driver will be subject to disqualification. The consumption of alcoholic beverages on Marquette County Fairground property is prohibited. It is every driver's responsibility to make passing possible. Deliberate use of foul driving tactics to make a pass or prevent a pass will not be tolerated.


Kart numbering at MCFKC: no two individuals shall have the same exact number at Marquette County Fairground Racing. All MCFKC members will be allowed to keep his/her number from season to season as long as he/she remains a member in good standing and by paying renewal fees by April 30th of the succeeding year.



Start, restart and track open.


Full course caution, reduce speed to½ of racing

speed and prepare to slow or stop to avoid a kart stopped on the track or corner workers. Form up single file line behind the

leader. Caution laps are not scored.


Same as yellow except stop at the start/finish



Pointed at you, you are being warned about improper driving, rough driving or blocking. Your number may also be displayed on a signboard near the start/finish line.


Pointed at you, you are no longer being scored. You have been disqualified from the current race. Pull in the pit area on the next lap. If your number is posted on the signboard, it will be circled. (If violation is considered gross, see the sportsmanship rule.)


Rolled up and pointed at you, your kart is

unsafe or leaking. Pull off into the pits on your next lap, you may return after repairs have been made.


You have been caught by fast traffic, be

prepared to be lapped.


Beginning last lap.


Winner, race is over, all karts exit track via pits. The winner is encouraged to run an extra lap with the checkered flag at the completion of the last race for the Juniors and Adult classes. Cadet and Rookie classes can carry (if time and

weather permits) the checkered flag for any win during the race day.



Racing starts or restarts at the drop of the green flag. The grid will be reset until all karts taking the green flag complete one incident free lap. After two attempts the field will be started single file.


Any karts eligible for points, racing at any MCFKC event, finishing in the top five (5) may be subject to a complete onsite engine teardown and tech inspection after the last race in its class has been completed. The owner may do the work, not the inspector, if he/she desires. If an owner refuses tech or an engine is found to be illegal, all points for that days racing will be forfeited. Restriction plates are subject to inspection at any time. All karts may be subject to an immediate tech inspection if deemed necessary by the MCFKC Board.


All 4-cycle karts must be equipped with WKA approved mufflers. All 2-cycle karts must be equipped with an air silencer.


Flat Heads use methanol, 2 cycles use gas and oil only and the 206 uses GAS.


All practice sessions will be grouped according to class and speed and allowed 10 minutes rotating practice sessions.


Drivers are expected to pull safely off the track and remain with their karts until the race is over and all karts have cleared the track. A driver will be disqualified if he/she or a crew member crosses the track or drives through the "short-cut" under green flag conditions.



Drivers are expected to give a warning to following drivers, by raising of an arm, anytime speed must be abnormally checked. Drivers should signal to the flagman as well as other workers if he/she feels another driver is driving improperly, by pointing in that driver's direction.


Positions for the first race will be drawn for at the time of registration. The second race will be inverted from the first drawing.


The first lap is to run, single file, at caution lap pace. Following laps are to be run at the speed set by the pole sitter. Maintain a minimum of two kart lengths between karts. After the "one to go" sign is given, drivers are expected to close up (no more than one length between rows) but maintain a space between karts.


A separate class will be run if three or more like karts sign up. If needed, classes will be combined but scored separately. If combined, the fastest class will start first. Separate age groups are not allowed to be combined.