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Marquette County Kart Club


*** Requirements ***

L0206 Motor

7 to 12 years of age

250 lbs

Purple Slide in carb on gasoline

Gear Ratio of 13/55 or 14/59

6" wide rear tires, YDS,YJL,YHC, YKC,YLC Tires

3500 maximum clutch engagement

Bode Johnson

Kart Number: 42

Age: 13

Hometown: Ishpeming

Year Started Racing: 2013

Engine Builder: Faster Motors

Team Name: Johnson Racing

Crew Members: Brian, Cherie, Ani

Sponsors: Sharon Moreson, Jon Eixkwrr, Jon's Auto, Dave's Collision Center, Easgle's Club of Negaunee, Vince Rose.

Hobbies: Basketball, ATV'ing, snowmobiling, video gaming. 

Jesse Hendrickson

Kart Number: 97

Age: 10

Hometown: Harvey, MI

Year Started Racing: 2015

Chassis: Tony Kart, Coyote

Engine Builder: Faster Motors

Team Name: Hendo Racing

Crew Members: Mom, Dad, Nana, Papa

Sponsors: Superior Paving

Favorite Drivers: Chase Elliott

Favorite Race Experience: 1st win

Racing Highlights: Won 1st place trophy in Norway on Labor Day 2017

Hobbies: Driving anything he can

Jared Arczynski

Kart Number: 07

Age: 11

Hometown: Champion

Year Started Racing: 2014

Chassis: CRG

Engine Builder: Briggs & Stratton

Team Name: Arczynski

Crew Members: Teri, Andy

Hobbies: video games, four wheeling, swimming, playing outside.