Marquette County Kart Club

Road course go-kart track


*** Requirements ***
L0206 Motor
7 to 12 years of age
250 lbs
Purple Slide in carb on gasoline
Gear Ratio of 13/55 or 14/59
6" wide rear tires, YDS,YJL,YHC, YKC,YLC Tires
3500 maximum clutch engagement

Jada Arczynski

Kart Number: 16

Age: 9

Hometown: Champion

Year Started Racing: 2016

Chassis: CRG

Engine Builder: Briggs & Stratton

Team Name: Arczynski

Crew Members: Teri, Andy

Hobbies: Playing outside, horse back riding, four wheeling, go kart racing.

Chad DeMay

Kart Number: 910

Age: 8

Hometown: Big Bay

Year Started Racing: 2019

Team Name: DeMay Racing

Crew Members: Chad and Kristin DeMay

Sponsors: Independence Trading Company, Thunder Bay Custom Construction, Big Bay Depot, Fine Lines Painting. 

Hobbies: Building with Dad, gold mining, construction, racing. 

Reid Peterson

Kart Number: 46

Age: 8

Hometown: Ishpeming

Year Started Racing: 2016

Chassis: Merlin

Crew Members: Raegen Peterson, Jarrett Peterson, Brian Johnson

Favorite Drivers: Grandpa Larry, Bill Elliot, Joey Logano, Chase Elliott

Favorite Race Experience: Winning the cadet race at Norway

Racing Highlights: Started racing at 4 years old

Hobbies: Collecting Pokemon cards, playing with legos, watching racing


Quinn Burbach

Kart Number:

Age: 7

Hometown: Negaunee

Year Started Racing: 2016

Engine: Faster Motors

Team Name: Burbach Racing

Crew Members: Brandon Burbach

Favorite Race Experience: Winning the fair trophy race in cadet last season

Racing Highlights: Having my throttle stick and crashing into the fence, going to Norway to run on the stock car track.

Hobbies: skiing, fishing, soccer, BMX