* To try and get more help with corner workers this summer, we are allowing the first time as your throwout race. The second time you cover a corner for a day, you will get 66 bonus points for the season. 

* The junior class will now run the yellow slide.

* Adult 206 Series New 2019!

This summer we will be trying out something new. 

$300 for first place

#200 for second place

Race 1 May 18th

Race 2 June 8th

Race 3 June 22nd

Race 4 July 20th

Race 5 August 10th 50 lapper

This series is based on the amount of laps finished. 

1 point per lap you finish in each race.

1 point per lap you finish in the first half of 50 laps.

5 points per lap you finish in second lap of 50 laps.

Tie breaker will be determined by highest finishing position in 50 lap race. 

Any questions, contact Carl Miller.

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