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Marquette County Kart Club


 *** Requirements ***

5 to 7 years of age

150 lbs.

Comer C50 Box Stock

Gear Ratio of 10.89


Class is exhibition only - not for points or wins. All participants are winners.

Each participant will receive a trophy for participation at the banquet.

Amelia Hart

Kart Number: 8

Age: 7

Hometown: Gwinn, MI

Year Started Racing: 2018

Chassis: Birel Kid Kart

Engine Builder: Comer

Team Name: Amelia Air Hart Racing

Crew Members: Jeffrey Hart, Roger Hart, Jackie Hart, Dylan Hart

Racing Highlights: 3rd place at the fair 2018, 2nd place at Norway on Labor Day 2018, 1st place on the kitty cat at Eagle River 2018

Hobbies: swimming, riding bikes, fishing, shooting bb guns, camping and roasting marshmallows