Marquette County Kart Club

Road course go-kart track


*** Requirements ***
L0206 Motor
15  years old and up
390 lbs
We are following WKA motor rules for this class
Motors will run on gasoline
Full Rear Bumper

Tyler Bell
Kart Number: 12
Age: 15
Hometown: Marquette
Year Started Racing: 2017
Chassis: Birel S6
Team: Dale Brunelle,Larry Langford,Lou Brunelle, Sam Tech
Favorite Drivers: Kyle Larson,
Favorite Race Experience: 1st Win and 1st Roll Over
Hobbies: Hockey,Computer Gaming, Racing Go Karts

Andy Arczynski

Kart Number: 13

Age: 39

Hometown: Champion

Year Started Racing: 2016

Chassis: CRG

Engine Builder: Briggs & Stratton

Team Name: Arczynski

Crew Members: Teri

Hobbies: Drinking beer, working